Thursday, April 16, 2015

Inspiration, Pornography, and Vera

What do you think of when you read/hear the term "inspiration porn"?

Umm, inspiring porno? Wait, are you being inspired to do porn, Vera?

Heh heh. No.

Actually, the term "inspiration porn" has absolutely nothing to do with sex on camera.

Well, damn. You had me going for a minute....

*Eyeroll* TMI (too much information), fellow reader. T. M. I.
Anyway, inspiration porn is a plethora of random photos, quotes, and other sensory materials designed to get you inspired, more or less "turned on" to be inspired, to do better in your own life because someone who has it worse than you did something you haven't done as of yet. Inspiration porn is presented with images of folks with prosthetic appendages, folks in wheelchairs, or folks who "appear" to be "invisibly disabled," having a neurodivergent or developmental disability of some sort not seen at first impression. Other types of nonsexual porn, if you will, include descriptive materials of food, nature, poetry, and even cats. Anything that will stimulate the orgasmic feeling of (again, nonsexual) pleasure and satisfaction, basically.

Most folks with disabilities actually frown on such "inspirational pornographic" material, because these folks believe that they are not viewed as first-class citizens unlike their able-bodied neurotypical counterparts. For the most part, inspiration porn is viewed as "Hey, if this kid with a prosthetic leg can run a 100-meter relay, or if this person can overcome cancer, then I can manage to get out of bed and get to my job." Or something just as ridiculous.

For me? I don't mind it if I'm this "adult inspirational porn star" to someone.

Wait, that doesn't look right, heh. There has to be a better title than that.

Case in point: a few years back, a friend of mine told me that I was their inspiration. And for a second, I was like: "what the fuck did my fluffy azz do now?" They described how I "battle" my "struggles with autism," to paraphrase, and how I was able to hold a job and drive a car and boom-di-yada boom-di-yada.

I mean, I was flattered as hell that I meant that much to somebody. If that's how my friend saw me, then good for them. I didn't see it as an unintentional second-class citizen demotion or put down. I still don't, primarly because, as much as I will advocate for autism acceptance, I don't view my autism as a second-class citizen demotion. My autism is a fucking badge of honor, bitches.

So, do you struggle with your autism?

Actually, I don't struggle with autism. Instead, I struggle with assholes.

And there should be plenty of inspiration porn out on the internet to help "inspire" folks to be better than assholes. Because, let's face it; disabled folks aren't the second-class citizens, assholes are.

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