Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Money, Problems, and Vera

Today marks the 6-month anniversary of me moving into my current living space and moving forward towards healing and well being.

The road on this new adventure has not been easy. A lot of twists and turns have defined this path over these past six months. However, as I keep marching, the quality of life is much greater than it ever has been.

With that being said, I still struggle with bad habits. One of those bad habits involve money. Yeah, I am more of a spender than a saver. I am on disability, currently jobless (since December 2013), and I was granted a no-asset Chapter 7 discharge in US bankruptcy court (the best actual outcome, in my opinion). My income, between then and now, is just about half. The good news is I don't have thousands of dollars in debt. The bad news is I'm still struggling to save a couple bucks for an emergency. For example, I have a few dollars, and then my car (yes, this autistic can operate a motor vehicle! Woohoo!) would have a problem that needs said few dollars to fix. Another is when you realize NONE of your clothes fit because your body has gone from stressed mode to blessed mode, and every fat tissue in your body relaxes and expands. So you have to buy clothes, except most thrift shop stores don't sell plus-size or extended-size attire for women. Yeah, old habits die hard.

Which leads me to my current dilemma: travelling. I love to travel and see nature and people watch and stuff. I have been invited to numerous places for 2015. I would love to go to St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands (USVI) for my next birthday.

And all of that requires something I don't have much of anymore; cash.

So, what's a brat like me supposed to do?


Here are some ways I'm coping, or about to cope, with this dilemma:
  • This blog. This is my pride and joy at the moment; sharing with you my adventures in this life. The whole premise of the blog is a place where I can safely cath my thoughts and feelings. Hell, it worked in reducing my hypersexuality a bit. Maybe talking about my other subscriptions will calm down as well.
Uhhh, Vera? The Internet is not really a safe place to vent. Have you tried writing in a diary?

Have you seen my chicken scratch of handwritings lately? It's unreadable!
  • Plan 1 or 2 excursions for 2015, and save a few dollars for them. That's it. And as much as I would love to go to Chicago, Louisville, Orlando, and Rio Grande, Ohio (home of Bob Evans; say "RYE-oh GRAHN-dee"), they may be tabled until further notice until I get two excursions squared away first. The first one is to visit a dear friend in New Orleans (who has been asking me to come visit since 2007). The second one is to see the Rolling Stones (have car, will travel).
  • Continue paying bills on time and in full. Helps build up that credit score.
  • Get back into planning meals ahead of time, and grocery shop for healthier, budget-friendly items. This will heavily reduce my fast food consumption and save me a few more dollars.
  • And most importantly, EXECUTE! To actually follow through with said points are tough, even quite painful at times. After moving into my current place, I roughed it for a couple of months because I had no other options; I had to learn how to survive on what I had on hand. Great learning lesson for me, because I am a glutton for punishment. Since the rough patches, I have adapted the ability to make my dollars stretch from one payday (which is once a month) to the next (which can be either 28 or 35 days from the last payday).
There is still more work to be done via execution. And each month, somehow, I have a positive outlook that I will do better the next month. I pray I never lose that outlook.