Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Bifocals, Buy Local, and Vera

A head shot of Vera Didenko.
Yeah, it's official.

My vision sucks canal water.

You can now laugh at my time-tested statement that Keith Richards is sexy as hell.  Until my last breath comes, that will always be true to me, regardless of eyesight.

True, I still have the sense of sight, yes. But it was when I couldn't read how I would like to read is when I knew I had to get my eyes checked.

About two years ago, my eye doctor then said in about a couple of years I would be ready for bifocals. For those that are not aware, bifocals, or bifocal lenses, are vision enhancing lenses that have two separate sets of reading and detail enhancing ability. The majority of the lens help you see material from one distance, while a smaller portion helps you see from a different distance.

When I got my eyes checked two weeks ago at a locally owned eyewear store, called Europtical, the attending optometrist looked at my eyes, checked my vision (ugh, my right eye has some massive issues, heh), and also checked my ability to see with a card of letters sitting on a stick right in front of me. I was like: "hey! I can read that clearly!"

"Yeah, it's time for bifocals," said the optometrist.

*gulp* how much is this going to cost me?  I wondered.

So when it came time to pick out my new glasses, I was in for a bit of surprise.

Apparently, the type of health and/or vision insurance you have influences what type of specs you can rock at an affordable cost. Since I have Ohio Medicaid via CareSource, the owner of the store brought out a box and placed it on the counter. Inside the box were about 20 sets of eyeglasses. These glasses were covered fully by the insurance. All the other glasses not in the box were offered at a discounted rate. Well, considering some of the glasses ranged from $300-$800, I was more than thrilled to pick a free pair, regardless how shitty they look.

And wouldn't you know it, out of the 20 sets of freebies, only tWO OF THEM FIT ON MY BIG AZZ HEAD? Ah, the joys of being a big brat, with a big bratty head, heh.

So out of the two, I was able to pick a set that I could live with. The owner then asked if I wanted those lenses that adjust the UV protection when exposed to certain light sources. Even though the offer was free, I declined that option. Those sumbitches work for shit when trying to operate a moving motor vehicle. The owner said that my old glasses had anti-reflective coating on them, but the option was not covered by my insurance to get it for free. Phooey. I declined that option as well. Finally, the owner said my glasses would be ready in two weeks.

And in two weeks, as promised, they were ready.

Whenever I do have cash on hand (sightings of Bigfoot happen more often, heh) I do my best to buy things from local retailers. Yeah, I know, sometimes the prices can be hella more expensive than national stores. However, that cash money you spend locally stays in the area. And it can do wonders for a community, affluent or not. When I did have top tier vision insurance, I bought a pair of glasses from Europtical for about $311, after insurance paid for a portion of the cost. So I know these folks are worth it.

Who knows? It just might work for you, too.

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