Friday, May 29, 2015

Underdeveloped, Overexposed, and Vera

Hey Vera! Where in the hell have you been?

Heh, I got busy.

Like, just how busy?

Busy enough to be a royal pain in the neck to certain folks, while being an angel to others.

Welp, to follow up with what's going on with my ovarian obstacles, there is this.  I am scheduled to have surgery to remove this mushroom cap of a cyst sitting on my existing ovary in four weeks from today.  It's about time, considering I had a hell of a time to convince the ob/gyn to take me seriously.  And yes, I dropped the "M" bomb on her.

What's the "M" bomb?

I asked the doctor: "you're not delaying this process because I have Medicaid, are you?"

And what did that do?

It got me the treatment and respect that a patient deserves in the examination room, regardless of income or insurance source.  It also got me away from dealing with an ombudsman for the time being.

Well, aren't you special?

Damn right I am, heh.

That was a joke, Vera.

And that was my response, dear reader.  Deal with it.

So, you can't just sit there and tell me that's all you have been dealing with was this ovarian issue, can you?

You're lucky; that's not the only thing I have been dealing with.

I finally had my speech to my temple congregation last Friday night (a separate post will be shared about it).  It got some rave reviews, yay!

I also have been dealing with hunger and being broke, enough for me to do some "shopping" at food pantries (a separate post will be shared about it as well).  It taught me some valuable lessons.

And finally, to finish up my BAMF (Bad Ass Mother Fucker) Week, I went to go visit Baba (my grandma; one of the only surviving members of my assigned immediate family at birth I consider to be part of my chosen family) today.  She looked a lot better than when I last saw her two months ago.

Oh!  I almost forgot.

Now what?

Somehow I ended up on the Rachel Maddow Show on Tuesday night.  I don't know what the camerafolks were thinking when they took footage of me walking down the street, heh.

From the Rachel Maddow Show page. I drew a red circle to identify myself.
If you would like to view the clip from the Rachel Maddow Show's page, visit this link. (Should it be broken or taken down, notify me immediately.)

Oh, so you famous now, huh?

Heh, well, one of us has to be. Just kidding.

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