Thursday, June 18, 2015

Human Decisions, The Galaxy, and Vera

I can already tell this summer is going to be a pain in the wahzoo.  The Lake Erie humidity is ready to choke all the bitches in the region.  And with temperatures staying well above 75 Fahrenheit, staying in my itty bitty studio apartment with no air conditioning is going to be a problem.  It has proven to be a problem already, due to the fact that over the past 36 hours, I have a grand total of 7 hours of sleep.  When it gets hot and/or humid, no sleep till Shaker.  At all.

Speaking of things running on pure fumes, my trusty smartphone of 37 months had entered into digital hospice.  The battery would train from 100% to 5% within an hour, the charging period would last almost two hours, it couldn't handle the capacity of live streaming from the WWE Network.  I dreaded this time; because of not the reliability of my phone, but I would be truly sacrificing a diamond in the rough:

My unlimited data plan that was grandfathered into this phone.

See, in order for me to keep my unlimited data plan, if I wanted to get a new phone I would have to pay the full entire price for the phone.  And as we all know, I don't have $700 to drop on a new device, because, you know, limited income.

I looked at other providers in the past to see which would be suitable should this day arrive.  Nothing pleased my fancy enough to switch; I also would have to submit to a credit check, and cell phone providers (and anybody else loaning credit) would love to deny me thanks to bankruptcy.  In a word, I was stuck. 

I then looked at what type of smartphone I wanted.  Yeah, the only apple product I would purchase is a pink lady.  Since my dying phone was an android, and it lasted quite nicely for these past 3 years (I purchased it about 1.5 months before moving out of the Shaker Square neighborhood and into the city of Strongsville *shivers*), I was going to get another android smartphone.  The question was: which one?

And was I ready to give up my unlimited data plan, just for a new smartphone?

It's not a popular decision, but a human decision.  I said yes.  I would relinquish my unlimited data plan for a plan somewhat similar.

AAAAHHHHHH!!!! WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?! I would donate the entire left side of my body for unlimited data!!!

Good for you.  I decided not to go that way.

And if you really want to cringe, I will be paying about $30 more a month than what I was previously paying.  Most importantly, I am okay with that.

Is a "human decision" a code word for "epic failure of humankind"?

Heh, no.  Were you going to loan me $700 for a new smartphone?

Ummmm, no.

Didn't think so.

What I was previously paying was for 450 anytime call minutes, unlimited nights and weekends (remember those days from 2006 where you can start talking for hours starting at 9:00pm?), 1,000 text messages, and unlimited data for about $80/month.  With this new smartphone and this package deal where I would make monthly installment payments for the phone, in conjunction with unlimited calls, unlimited text messages, and 10GB of data, for about $110/month.

At least, the bright side is my provider is allowing me to keep my current plan until my new plan kicks in on the new billing cycle, which is about 24 days from now, heh.

Well, I hope you enjoy your new phone, Vera.

I am!  I got a Samsung Galaxy S6 in Gold Platinum and a phone cover with the color of "Milk and Honey."  Shoot, this "Milk and Honey" theme goes well with last week's Torah portion where Moses sends the leaders of the 12 tribes to scout out the New Land, and out of those 12 men, only Joshua and Caleb came back with good news (the other 10 were debbydowners, heh), saying that The Land was "flowing with Milk and Honey."

So, what are you going to do with your smartphone already in "digital hospice"?

I discovered recently that you can actually sell your old smartphone for actual cash.

Do you think those things actually work?

It did for me.


Damn, dear reader.  Chill.

At most big box stores in the USA (Walmart, for example), there is this kiosk called EcoATM.  These kiosks go step by step with you in order for you to recycle your old cell phone (or other suitable devices) for cash money.

My only beef?  The resale value of my old smartphone (a Motorola Droid RAZR), wasn't very high.  Poor device; it only served with pride for 3 years.

How much did you get back?

Fifteen dollars.



I could have gotten as low as $3, or no money back at all.  I was able to keep the old smartphone in excellent condition for all this time to get the cash back.

But, Vera, this makes no sense.  For a new phone, you are paying more for less, and to top it all off, you only got chump change for your old device!  I would have NEVER made that call!

True.  But then again, you aren't me.  I didn't like making this call either.  But, at the end of the day, I'm happy with what I have now. 

The goal is to make my new Galaxy smartphone last until, about, my 38th birthday.

That's in 2019.

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