Monday, August 3, 2015

Periscope, Partnerships, and Vera

A relatively new social media platform has caught my attention recently.  And my life has been improved because of it.

It's called Periscope, from the Twitter family of apps. You can broadcast yourself live around the world to anybody else who has an account. Yes, it is free. And I have been able to connect with and communicate with several folks, both old and new.

How has Periscope improved my life? For starters, the page views on my blog have jumped tremendously (thank you for that!). For the first time in over 1.5 years, a certain Periscope broadcaster has inspired me to write song lyrics again.  He was playing a melody on his guitar when I came up with a couple of quick verses on the spot. He saw the lyrics I typed and began singing them with the guitar melody.  Right then and there, the spark to create lyrics was rekindled by a brand new flame.

I have been working on a rewrite of a set of lyrics I wrote 5 years ago (I still remember the chorus after all this time). The pain of losing all 250+ song lyrics I wrote (between July 1995 and October 2013), destroyed in November 2013, isn't as dominant as it once was (proof that time does heal wounds), but it gently lingers around my head.  My goal is to finish up this song today or tomorrow so I can send this specific Periscoper the words and see what he can do.

If this works out, this may be how Vera got their groove back.

Find me on Periscope @TheStonesSeeker. You don't need a Twitter account to sign up.  And maybe you can catch one of my annoying broadcasts live or on replay.

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