Friday, August 28, 2015

Running Around Headless, Parasites, and Vera

Well, I see I have been a bit neglectful towards this blog.  My bad.

I do have reasons why I was busy.  Honest, heh.

Okay, Vera.  Shoot.

You know, given the recent circumstances in the news, I wouldn't use the word "shoot" if I were you.

Yeah, I guess you have a point.  What's going on?

I met my new therapist on August 4.  And she had me track down activities done outside the apartment and inside the apartment.  What happened next was remarkable, even to my standards.

The image shows what I did from August 14 to August 21:

Friday: went to the library, attended Shabbat service

Saturday: went on a four-hundred (400) mile art excursion around the state of Ohio with a friend, trying to get pieces to an art gallery in Lancaster, Ohio, USA for his upcoming gallery showcase

Sunday: attended Coffee and Kibitz, a social event sponsored by the young professional group at my temple

Monday: never left the apartment, heh. All I did was lots of rest and watched Periscope

Tuesday: went to pick up prescriptions, had a doctor appointment, did a live Periscope

Wednesday:  got some Taco Bell, went to Walmart twice for groceries, went to Aldi, went to the bank, and even made it to Torah study

Thursday: did my weekly laundry, went to Wendy's, went to the library, went for a car drive

Friday: attended two services on Shabbat, had some McDonald's, got some rest, and watched some Periscope

This image shows what I did from August 22 to August 27 (heh, I forgot to fill in August 27):

Saturday: went to the Hartville Flea Market

Sunday: had lunch with a friend, did a volunteer photo shoot for a non-profit campaign (more of this will come in an upcoming post)

Monday: did a day long video blogging project for a friend, helped a friend move some boxes, got a haircut, ate some Burger King

Tuesday: had some Taco Bell for breakfast, went to China Garden for lunch, got my eyebrows waxed, and had an interview with temple for a position to become a volunteer library assistant, or page

Wednesday: had McDonald's for breakfast, went to therapy, attended a WEOL-AM/WBEA-FM alumni reunion at the Olive Garden, attended the Wednesday night craft group

Thursday: ....

Well, let me tell you what I did yesterday.

Before I went outside, I felt numb and anxious; the news was making me numb, and my sister decided it was a good idea to follow me on Twitter the day before, so I was having a rough bout.

As I was outside, I felt happy and determined; I saw my psychiatrist for the first time since she had her baby.  I even help my friend move more boxes, as he is currently transitioning housing arrangements.

After I went outside, I felt exhausted and relieved; I now have a couple of days to myself to recover from all this activity and focus back on this blog, as well as other mini adventures happening at the same time.

And today?

Before I went outside, I was kaput but comfortable; my body did not want to leave the bed, and because I didn't need to be anywhere at any specific time, I stayed in bed until 11:30am this morning.

As I am currently outside, I feel like I'm a hurry, but calm; went to Chipotle for some grub.  I'm going to have to make a priority list of things to complete, as Surgery Day draws near.

Surgery?  You getting rid of that toothy bastard once and for all?  Finally?!

Yup, I'm having surgery in about 2 weeks.  If all goes well, my recovery will be short and smooth.  If not, I have some necks to wring.  This sucker is a leach and 3/4ths, a nasty parasite that's got to go.

And what's with all the fast food stops?  I thought you were going to put a curb to that?

I've partially done so.  My therapist is actually helping me to find solutions for spending money and eating junk food (this, too, will be mentioned in an upcoming post).

So yeah, Busy Pup has been a busy pup.  I have Shabbat service tonight, and I'm hoping - hoping - I can get some tidying up in my apartment done tomorrow.  Throw in some time to work on mini adventures, and you'll have a happy camper.

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