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Autism Parents, Services for Autistic Adults, and Vera

Trigger/Content Warning (TW/CW): this blog post contains mentions of autistic individuals abused and/or murdered at the hands of their caregivers or family members.  Reader discretion is advised.

Note: (z"l) means "zichronam livrachah," Hebrew for "for their memory shall be a blessing"

There has been a lot of things in my head lately.  Maybe I can set them out on the proverbial table and have you ponder on them as well.

"Autism Moms"

Not to be confused with "soccer moms" or "hockey moms," these maternal figures claim their child(ren)'s disorder as their own struggle with life; as if the autistic features in said child(ren) are a burden to them.  "Autism moms" will go as far as mistreating, abusing, and even murdering their autistic child(ren), for a myriad of reasons, all in the name of "being the best mother that they could have been for their autistic child."

When autistic self-advocates and allies alike call out these folks for trying to gain sympathy for having an autistic child in their lives, these "autism moms" (most, but not all, apparently) will immediately retaliate as if they're being stabbed with hot pokers.  "Oh, how dare you say that?  Teh autismz has ruined our family dynamic, robbed us of our vacation funds, and has caused my child(ren) to lash out and abuse ME."

If these "moms" didn't want to have an autistic child, then they should not have had a child, period.  That is what happens when they spread their legs open and accept seed from a potential paternal figure.  If they are not prepared to love the child unconditionally, and I mean unconditionally - as in accepting them for being their child and not a mini-me version of themselves or their expectations - then they are sorely going to be disappointed.  I mean, hell, parents of children who have cancer don't routinely go and kill their child(ren) because "Oh noes, teh cancerz is ruining our lives!"

Abuse and/or Murder of Autistic Individuals

Let's start with the story of London McCabe (z"l)*, whose mother was "so distraught" over her son's autism, she had, what the article calls "mental collapse," according to those close with the family.

Also, see the story about Isabel "Issy" Stapleton, who had survived her mother's attempt of killing both of them.  We don't get to hear from Issy's side, but the news media had a lot to say about the mother of Issy, granting her an interview on "The Dr. Phil Show,"

Check out the story about the autistic twins, Derrick and Darnell Land, who were held in their parents' basement on nightly lockdown for six years.  After their parents were charged with vulnerable adult abuse and attempted false imprisonment, those charges against the Land's parents were eventually dropped, citing "insufficient evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt" against them.

Another set of siblings, Zain and Faryaal Akhter (z"l), were strangled to death by their mother, who then called 911.  Here is a snip of what was said to the 911 Operator in the article:
>>The operator continues to talk to the woman to keep her on the phone until officers arrive. She asks why she killed her children, and the woman says she wanted normal children."They are autistic. I don't want my kids to be autistic," she is heard saying in an even tone.<<

Oh, remember the story of Alex Spourdalakis (z"l)?  The autistic teenage boy who was stabbed to death by his mother and godmother?  Again, these two "were overwhelmed with" the child once he was removed from the hospital to live with them at home.  Even that disgraced "autism-vaccination" doctor did a YouTube video pleading the case for Alex's removal.  And even just for good measure, the godmother also killed the family cat, citing that they "didn't want it to go to a shelter."

Finally, I will share the story of Robert Robinson (z"l), whose mother killed him by poisoning him with a lethal dose of an anti-anxiety medication, and then committed suicide.

So much for "autism moms," as well as "autism dads" and "autism caregivers" or whatever, being praised as "heroic" for being "so strong for so long".  Gimme a got damn fucking break.

To check out more stories about the fatalities of autistic individuals, please check out the Autism Memorial, where since 2013, they have listed each autistic person who died, whether by homicide or by unknown causes, their death date, their age of death, the cause of death, and where they lived.

Where Do Autistic Folks Go When They Reach 18?

Yeah, so since the media focus has been on working with autistic children in hopes to "provide them a better future," where do these children go when they legally become adults?  Where will they work?  Where will they attend higher educational, if they wanted it?  Don't know?  Neither do I.

I have mentioned to folks offline that nine out of ten (9/10) autistic individuals won't even get to enjoy the freedoms that I have on the daily; they will be sent to group homes and institutions as dictated by either their family or becoming a ward of the state.  That's my guestimate.  According to this article from Disability Scoop, a study found that nearly 9 out of 10 autistic adults have lived with their family or a guardian.  Only 17% of autistic adults between the ages of 21 and 25 had reported to living independently throughout their entire lives.  Here's a snip of another portion from said study listed in the article:
>>“Young adults with an ASD resided with a parent or guardian at higher rates and for longer periods of time after leaving high school than young adults with ED, LD or (intellectual disability). Moreover, young adults with an ASD had the highest rate of supervised living arrangements and the lowest rate of independent living since leaving high school,” the study found.<<
Note: a follow up study, to the one cited in the article, has been published here.

According to sources listed in an article published by Child Parent Autism Cafe (note: website uses person-first language), the numbers are even more bleak for autistic adults:  70% of adults are not living independently; almost half of these adults live with family members, and almost a third live in group homes or other residential living facilities.

I mean, come on.  Autistic adults have the ability to contribute to society, if given the proper tools, confidence, and the most important feature: the chance.  With so many children being diagnosed between 1999 (a year after that quack doctor released his bogus study over vaccinations "causing" autism) and 2005, a good majority of these individuals are going to become legal adults in the United States.

Let me speak as a greasy American politician for a second: do American taxpayers want to foot the bill of keeping these autistic adults in government funded institutions (since a majority of these residents have either Social Supplemental Income [SSI] or Social Security Disability Insurance [SSDI] to pay these institutions for their care) when, again, given the right tools and ability, these autistic adults can go out into the workforce and be productive members to society?  Seriously.

Public schools in the United States only have an obligation to keep an autistic child in their school system until the age of 22 (or in some cases 21, according to this article from ABC News, which also features a documentary about a woman who follows the lives of her autistic students going to a school in New Jersey, touted as the state's "Best Kept Secret").

This needs to be seriously addressed by the potential presidential candidates if they want to have a serious chance to win the White House, because autistic individuals can and do become productive in an economy that is still hurting from the 2008 stock market epic fail, if they can tout that and not some propaganda fallacy like Autism Speaks, who operates very similar to ISIS and the Ku Klux Klan; a terrorist organization operation.  Yeah, I said it.  Autism Speaks is nothing more than a domestic terrorist organization trying to devalue the lives of autistic individuals and attempting to eradicate our existence through eugenics.

You can read about the Autism Speaks/Eugenics point of view in more detail by visiting this article from The Boycott Autism Speaks Movement and this article from Emma's Hope Book, a blog written by Emma Zurcher-Long, an autistic self-advocate, with guest posts from her parents, Ariane Zurcher and Richard Long.

I was going to mention about my discovery why folks who wear bras feel so much better once they take them off, but that's another blog post for another day.

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