Monday, November 30, 2015

Conservation, Conversation, and Vera

I haven't talked much lately.

I mean, I haven't really opened up my yap and spoke over the past few days.

Today, I did speak, as indicated on Periscope and YouTube. But before that, I used my brain and my thumbs to communicate to folks.

I have noticed that when given the chance, I would much rather be a silent brat than a vocally chatty one.

Maybe I should pick up again American Sign Language. I can converse more freely with my hands than my mouth. And I can conserve my spoons for when I need to use them.

So yeah, this past Saturday and Sunday I pretty much said nothing verbally. And I enjoyed it so much that I might do so more often. My body feels like it's a slow charging battery when I conserve the need to converse.

I like using my body to "talk", if you will. Body language is more truthful and concise than verbal language is anyways.

Sounds become more comforting when I don't have to open up my jaw and make noises with my windpipe. I can relax (gasp!) when I hear someone else talk, I can just listen.  I may have discovered what helps me unwind.

My other senses are affected, too. My vision is a bit sharper. I can feel different sensations within the body. I can smell, touch, and taste things with more mindfulness when I'm a quiet brat.

Heh, now it makes sense why people have told me over the years to "shut the hell up."

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