Friday, November 6, 2015

The Outlook, the Podcast, and Vera

I have some gnarly news to share with you. Get excited!

Your Number One Brat(TM) has their fugly mug inside the November 2015 issue of Outlook Ohio Magazine, one of the state's most recognized LBGT+ publications.

I did a photo shoot with ZRenee Lapin, photographer and founder of the Cleveland Respect Campaign, a project that promotes Cleveland through transgender and gender nonbinary folks who work, play, and/or live here, and photographer Madeline Hoyle, back in August.  One of the photos that was shot was featured inside the magazine, along with the description of what the Respect Campaign is about (thanks Zoë and Madeline!).

And you know that this goofball HAD to wear a Rolling Stones themed shirt to represent Mick and The Boys, heh.

Check out a copy of Outlook Ohio Magazine, and find me on page 26.

Also, I feel empowered.  Thanks to this social media platform called Empowr.  It allows me to make money (or so it claims) by liking posts and blog packages. It keeps me busy while I wait for people, that I have no choice but to rely on, to do my dirty work.

There are some things that Empowr needs to work on (and I have made mention of this through their feedback feature): list more than two genders, why is one of the causes/charities is "fighting autism", and other smaller nitpicking tidbits.  However, it seems to me that a lot of people, me included, love to "like" posts (Empowr is based off of Facebook, like V Kontakte) that have flowers, scenery, and cute baby animals.

So I am keeping myself busy.

Oh!  One more thing!

I have partnered with Charlene Long (on Twitter, Periscope, and Blab @autismasawhole) to do a weekly podcast on Blab, discussing topics that directly relate to autism.  It's only a couple of weeks old, but I think this will be groundbreaking; one autism parent, who strongly advocates for her children (two of the 4 children she has is on the ASD), and one #ActuallyAutistic individual who provides what they see on the inside.

Charlene gave me a homework assignment due next Wednesday:  come up with a topic.

I have!

"What in the hell should Charlene and I name our show podcast?"

Busy Vera is busy.

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