Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Stage, the Breaks, and Vera

Having finished my shift at synagogue for volunteering, my supervisor told me that I can come back when things settle down.

I am very grateful for her to understand that I have too much crap going on behind the scenes.

With that said, the stage is set for January.

Surgery is more than likely to happen at the end of January (the latest being before Valentine's Day).

An appeal hearing for my Medicaid is expected to happen probably before my birthday.

A Common Pleas Court hearing is scheduled - on my birthday, ugh - to face Dingbat in Round 2 for Protection Order Showdown.

And my gig for "Autism As A Whole" is also on hold, if not cancelled. The same goes for potentially volunteering for the Animal Protection League, as the location is not transit accessible.

Meanwhile, some breaks I will get in January include the following:

At least one person will accompany me as support to Common Pleas Court.

I will find a way to celebrate Birthday No. 35 in style. Because I can.

I get to start a weight loss/management program with one of two hospitals of my choosing, to put an end to this unholy New Year's Resolution to lose weight and keep it off.

Adventures will continue to ensue as this blog rolls on.

I would love to go to a convention where Rob Paulsen will be featured.  I have many thanks to offer him for the support he has given me.  The same holds true for Kevin Michael Richardson and Vanessa Marshall.

And I promise to be your unyielding (for the most part) Number 1 Brat in the entire world.

Who's with me for a year to remember instead of a year to bury in the dirt next to some bones?

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