Thursday, February 18, 2016

Focusing on the Prize, Needless Distractions, and Vera

The past few days have been a bit of a whirlwind.

A good friend of mine was recently diagnosed with multiple myeloma (cancer of the plasma cells).  The lives of him and his wife have been completely flipped upside down as they navigate through the barrage of medical professionals, paperwork, and the search for some sanity.  Please send off some good positive vibes to my two friends as they continue their cancer journey.

I looked at my calendar for upcoming events recently, and I realized I hadn't been doing my homework for either my psychologist or the medically supervised weight loss "drill instructor" (that's what she calls herself, not me).  Oops.  So, today I started tracking my moods, eating habits, and spending habits again.  I was doing good in January until I went into hiding, then everything stopped.  I have to figure out how to stop getting distracted while achieving a goal.

To make matters even more interesting, apparently Mother Nature must have realized she hit the snooze button a few times too many and realized that we are in the smack of winter.  So she must have thrown herself out of bed, got dressed, and cranked the snow machine to full tilt.  It's not that cold outside; just a lot of fluff on the ground that can get quite annoying for drivers and passengers alike.

Oh, and yesterday I got my hair cut (more like hair chopped) and my eyebrows waxed.

Now the real goal of this hairstyle is to see where all the grey hairs (if any) are.  Expect a full report soon.

The point of the hair cut is to demonstrate how fluid my gender can be.  There are times I identify as a man.  There are times I identify as a woman.  And there are times I identify as a brat (an unidentified mix of genders).  Most of the time, I say that my gender is brat.  It works for me.

In April, I am hoping to have enough money saved so I can treat myself to a second pair of glasses through either Zinni or Warby Parker, since I can not get a new prescription until April 2017.  I'm thinking the clear early-90s style frames will work.  Or I can get fancy and get semi-rimless frames.  I've done that before.

Also in April, I may finally (FINALLY) be able to get to New Orleans.  Keeping my fingers crossed.

So that's it for the moment.  I've been keeping myself busy on a project that I will present here soon.

Now, it's time for me to hit that nap....

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