Friday, February 26, 2016

Guns, Guts, and Vera

This is an experiment.

This blog post is to showcase the stories, both known and unknown to the mass American public, of individuals losing their lives to unnecessary gun violence.

But why?  Why are all these people being needlessly murdered by (mostly) individuals?  What is this perverted fetish folks resort to in hopes to somehow prove a point?

Do we blame it on video games? Movies? Music?

Do we blame religion? The mental health system? Addictive substances?

Do we blame the National Rifle Association? Congressional lobbyists?

Or is there blame to be placed at all?

How come we don't see stories about Native Americans losing their lives to gun fire?

Why is it that society deadname trans* individuals when they are found dead by gunshot wounds?

What is this nonsense?  Really?  It's almost like every other day, someone is killing people with a gun.  Is this really necessary?

The United States has a Constitution, and within that Constitution are the first ten amendments we call the Bill of Rights.  The amendment that has come most under fire, no pun intended, is the Second Amendment, which states as follows:
If we, the American people (with my apologies to non-American readers), are this Militia (and a well regulated one at that), then why the hell are people dying from gun violence?  If I'm walking outside, and someone walks right up behind me and shoots me in the back of my head at close range, how is that act of violence deemed "being necessary to the security of a free State"? I mean, that individual has a right to keep and bear arms; it doesn't tell specifically them what to do with said arms.  Right?

If we, the American people are this Militia, then why the hell are we complacent to do anything about this societal epidemic of gun violence?  We're making legal gun owners in this country look really pathetic in this case.  Are we all in favor of natural selection or something?  Is this another rule in the Book of Neurotypicals that I am not aware of?

Hey, Congress.  Yeah, you.  Are you, as an elected assembly of American citizens, serious about allowing young elementary school students in America to be killed without any considering putting better regulations for our Militia?  What about the folks who died while watching a movie in a theater?  And the folks celebrating a holiday party?  Police officers murdered by citizens for a myriad of reasons?  Citizens murdered by police officers for a myriad of reasons?

You see the President of the United States weeping over these losses, and you mean to tell me, Congress, that this is the new normal?

You even had one of your own members of Congress get shot in the head at their local supermarket, and you still didn't do a got damn thing.

So, what will it take to provoke action?  What will it take for us to get off of our couches and into the streets to protest?

Maybe this blog post will.  Maybe not.

If you're going to live by the sword, then you're going to die by the sword.

If you want to live life by the gun, then be prepared to lose life by the gun.

This has been an experiment.

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