Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Serenity, Serendipity, and Vera

Since I have been on this wacky adventure of discovering what makes this brat a brat, I have been fortunate to share some of those experiences with folks near and far. The feelings that I had experienced long before my reroute to freedom are not as intense anymore. Situations that I had issues grappling with are now moments of "stop, drop, and punt". My senses, once held in check like an overloaded suitcase on that random vacation to the Bahamas, are now being checked by my permission, and not by anyone else.

In other words, apparently THIS is what it feels like to be about as neurotypical as it gets.  Hot shit.

Wait, did you get laid last night or something?

Now why in the fuck would I tell you, Dear Reader?

*shakes head* Nevermind. Continue. *snickers*

*mumbles* Nosy bastard....

What was that, Vera?

You heard me!

Well, you put shit out here that even I wouldn't dare to elaborate upon. I mean, it's almost like your life is an open book.

At one time, it was. That was the beauty of my life in my younger years: live life with no regrets and be an open book for those who want to leave inspiring passages. Things did change when I got diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder in November 2013. I closed up so much that I became a ghostly shell of myself.  As time and progress would pass, I am now noticing that I am returning to being that book being open for more passages from folks.

Is that a double entendre?  Because if that is, that sucked.

No, it's not a double entendre. Ugh, pay attention, heh.  People inspire people in many different ways.  In my case, I look at it as if my adventure is a story full of twists and turns, tribulations and triumphs, trials and testimonies. It is a fascinating thing, this concept called life.

Well, I just answered my next question.

Which was?

How was it?

Oh my gosh, seriously?

Man, look: ain't no motherfucker jumps on to their own blog and be all John Calvin and Thomas Hobbes without mentioning Bill Watterson.

Is that what the kids say nowadays?


Look, maybe, finally, this year will give me all the serenity and serendipity I need to not, you know, bitch for a while.

Serendipity?  It was that good, huh?


I say that's a yes.  Look at all the hearts you're breaking on social media.

Anyways, a perfect example of this serenity and serendipity happened yesterday, when I had my dreaded follow up with my pre-surgical OB/GYN doctor.  She agreed to do have the surgery done, but by a specialist she recommended, since my case is super azz complex.  The specialist and I will make plans, supposedly, to do a unilateral salpingo-oophorectomy.  I'm guessing the surgery will more than likely happen in March, which in turn will make me officially menopausal.

Oh fuck, not this again.

I know.  But ever since the whole court hearing snafu, I noticed a shift in focus within myself.  I'm no longer as agitated and hysterical over getting this surgery done right away.  Probably why I feel is this way is because being in hiding and utilizing my spoon reserves and cash money drained me both physically and mentally.  Even then, since it's been almost a couple of weeks, I have shifted my focus to losing a stone (the English equivalent of approximately 14 pounds) so I can have, yet again, another surgery; a sleeve gastrectomy.

I don't see how all these hospital procedures is going to give you either serenity or serendipity, Vera.

For starters, I will have peace of mind over the physical health of my body.  I will incorporate much healthier lifestyle choices, like riding my bicycle at least a couple days a week for example.

And some of it has already kicked off: I was able to finally get out of the payday loan mess I got myself into by securing a small loan to pay off my obese credit card debt and save a few dollars each month.  This comes in handy since I will be switched over to Medicare later this year.

Nice.  Good job, Vera.

Wha...? Di....did you just compliment me?

I did.  I know.  Oh, and good job on your finances, too.

Thank yo....hey, wait a minute here.

I didn't say anything, did I? *whistles in the background*

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