Monday, February 29, 2016

The Point, Everybody Has An Opinion, and Vera

So, what was so special about your previous blog post?

The point of "Guns & Guts" is to showcase that, while there is a massive debate over how to effectively handle the gun issue, people are dying left and right because of guns.

The blog post has 572 words (according to the website Word Count Tool).  Each word is a link (although it doesn't look like it because I purposely do not use underlines for them) to a news story about a shooting death.  And it's not like these shooting deaths are out of the blue; they're happening anywhere and at anytime; thus the blog post has 572 links to at least 572 individuals who we, as a society, lost to gun violence.

No shit?  You do know that all lives matter, right?

Funny you should mention that.

What's so funny about that?

The "Guns & Guts" post covers all lives, not just a select few.

Oh yeah?  You got Chris Kyle's death in there?



It's in there; I didn't bother to leave a map or a list of all of the links and what stories they cover.

I bet you didn't cover any gun deaths of police officers.

Oh, I did.  Those were heartbreaking to cover.  For every one bad cop, there are 10 good cops.  It's basically up to the police to police their own to make sure that they don't cross that proverbial thin blue line.

Okay....I notice that this paragraph has a bunch of references to gun violence in Chicago.  What's that about?

That whole paragraph is dedicated to the huge gun violence issue in Chicago.  I had no idea just how bad it was until I looked at each. And. Every. Single. Person. I. Listed. The paragraph covers shooting deaths of individuals that have happened over the past two months (back to December 2015).  Of course, this is not a new issue, there has been massive gun violence and deaths since approximately 2012, when things really started to get bad.  Some local news websites keep track of the gun violence and shooting deaths as they occur on a separate page; whether it's "Homicide Watch Chicago" or "Chicago Weekend Shootings".

I also dedicated a couple of sentences to Native American lives and to trans* lives lost by gun violence,  The trans* lives was difficult in that the media and the police, as a collective, still do not know how to properly identify a trans* person after they have been murdered.

Really?  That bad, huh?  What else surprised you?

Outside of Chicago, I discovered that there were a lot more gun violence and shooting deaths in Alabama, Connecticut, the Carolinas, the Dakotas, and Florida.  Although I did cover all 50 states, those areas really seemed to jump out at me.

How did you find all of these shooting death stories?




Usually when a story comes up, it would usually be about someone being apprehended for a murder.  I would go into that story, look up the person who was murdered, what city this took place in, and then find the local story that covered this incident.  I decided to go the local route because it gives a sense of OMG THIS IS HAPPENING IN OUR NEIGHBORHOOD OR HOMETOWN.  The national news media desensitizes gun violence deaths so much that it's almost at a level of covering deaths in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Israel, Palestine, and Syria.  For most Americans, it's like: "big fucking deal; it's not happening to me or my family, so why should I give a fuck?"

How long did that post take you from start to finish?

Two weeks.

And it doesn't even cover what had happened over in suburban Washington, DC since the blog post was shared.

I'll leave you with this: someone had sent me a message in regards to the blog post.  They were all like: "come on, you should think of more positive stuff!"  They made my point.

"Guns & Guts" is for those folks who believe that this type of stuff won't happen to them.  Hell, "Guns & Guts" is for everyone to read, and for us Americans to explain to the world why we are so aroused over bearing arms to protect ourselves.

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