Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Social Panhandling, One Final Trip, and Vera

Okay, it's not exactly "social panhandling" and it's not my "one final trip" (I ain't dying any time soon, folks).

But it is my last trip (probably for 2016) until I get my surgery done in May and the health insurance fiasco set for June 1.

I am not asking for much ($500 should be sufficient for food, shopping, gas money for the host of my trip, my long-time buddy, etc.), meanwhile it should be enough.

Here's another incentive: should I raise over $500 between now and April 5, those overflowing proceeds will go to the Cleveland Animal Protection League in honor of a young woman at temple who recently became a Bat Mitzvah

Aaaaaaaaand: I will explore and try new things while in New Orleans via Periscope, as a big thank you to my donors/supporters.

I mean, seriously, what's not to love?

Thank you so much in advance. *hugs*  And yes, this post will stay up when the fundraising is complete (the links will be disabled at that time and the update will be provided).


  1. Vera:

    Looking forward to all the new things you'll explore in New Orleans through Periscope and otherwise.

    For a last trip 500$US is entirely reasonable for you and your buddy and the bat mitzvah. Kvelling and all that.

    I wonder how the Cleveland Animal Protection League survived the subprime crisis and the animals within its care/remit.

    1. I tried looking up any follow up stories about that specifically, and to my surprise, there wasn't one. I'm pretty sure the Cleveland APL handled all the foreclosure pet cases with dignity, otherwise it would have been plastered all over the news.

    2. And where would this news have been?

      Glad the animals were handled with dignity by the APL.

      I know the Plain Dealer reasonably well, especially for stories about children, food, animals and other hard-hitting community journalism issues.

    3. Beats me. If there was something the APL did wrong, the first place that comes to mind would be Cleveland 19 to report it. Other than that, I have no clue.