Friday, August 12, 2016

Investments, Returns, and Vera

Well, this is it.

Starting on Wednesday, I will be, for the first time in a long time, if ever, I get my first real chance on living within my financial means.

So, of course I'm getting as much stuff as possible until then - clothes, shoes, and organizational products - in advance of this monetary boot camp.

Meanwhile, I have been able to save $25 in my Mixter Money Box, a small wooden container that sits in my rabbi's office, so I have no access to it while building my financial self-worth.  Hopefully, I will be able to save little by little while I pay off three store cards, two credit cards, one credit line, one personal loan, and one payday loan.

Dude, do you not know how to handle your money?

I know how to pay my bills on time.  I don't know how to stop emotional spending, due to my upbringing.

What, didn't you have an example of how to save and spend money?

I had two parents with polar extremes when it came to money.  My father, the breadwinner, was the proverbial cheap skate.  My mother, the part-timer, was the all-time big spender.  Needless to say, I didn't learn much from either or.

Didn't your sister teach you how to save and spend?

She filed for bankruptcy when I was in middle school, so that would be a no.

Oh lovely. So you basically had to do all of the money management by yourself?

When I got past being shown how to maintain a bank account and how to write a check, pretty much.

I never wanted to go to my parents for advice on anything. To show a deficit in anything and seeking advice from them meant getting a tip would come with a humiliating price for my self-esteem. Learning how to cook? Lost interest after being berated time after time on preparation. Learning how to grow and tend to a garden and flowers? Between the worms, dirt, and honeybees, I had completely no interest. Learning basic housework and home maintenance? It lead to being asked to do chores at any time, day or night, and if I wasn't able to, then the guilt trip bellyaching would go into full force. Learning how to use tampons? Never shown because "only married women used tampons." My mother's words, not mine.

So, owning a home is something not on your radar, correct?

Pretty much. Why in the holy fuck would I want to spend money on a piece of property that needs constant maintenance and spending on bills and taxes, when that money can go to other things, like travel or charity?

When you buy a home, Vera, you put your money into it to enhance its value. That value enhancement over time will give you money back and then some when you sell a home. It's called "return on investment."

Wouldn't that "return on investment" be better utilized on ourselves, the environment, and the world instead of materialistic things like property?

Would you be willing to part with your beloved Trapper Keepers?  What's the return on investment on those?

Eh, enough to make me happy.  Isn't that the whole point?


Anyways, I will also be working on some serious life goals. Not like "making Aliyah to Israel" or "retiring into the Amish Country" life goals like I used to make. These are goals that I want for myself, and not for anyone else, any employer, any circumstance.

Like what?

Well, in the here and now, I need new glasses. However, with my insurance, I still have to front some of the cost. I need to save up a few dollars so I can get an actual decent looking pair of progressive-lensed eyeglasses.

By July 14, 2017, I plan on being members of both the Jewish Community Center in town and Weight Watchers.

By December 31, 2018, I plan on being debt free from all the credit sources.

On January 14, 2019, I want to either purchase or lease a new Toyota RAV-4 or a Toyota model equivalent as a birthday present to myself. And I will have a garage spot waiting for my vehicle.

On January 31, 2019, I want to close all of the store credit sources and keeping my online credit source and two credit cards.

And by January 14, 2021, I will be able to donate more to my temple as well as donate to the Jewish Foundation, have my last will and rights established, enact both a durable and a medical power of attorney, and have a plot saved for me at my temple's main cemetery. I hope that my weight will be in a healthy ideal range, have my chest reduced to a much more manageable size, have my own kitchen appliances instead of what is currently supplied by my building's management, and will have my "brat mitzvah" at my temple.

Looks like you already have goals, Vera.

Yeah, but I have to work on them to make each goal.  That's what I need, how to persevere through adversity (but this time, without the four assholes in my life, including Dingbat, which will be even more awesome).

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