Sunday, September 11, 2016

Please Remember the 11th of September, Inappropriate Sales, and Vera

Trigger/Content Warning (TW/CW): this blog post contains mentions of acts of terrorism, mass homicide, and mass suicide.  Reader discretion is advised.

Guy Fawkes (say: fox) said it best about remembering a certain date and how it should never be forgotten.  He's the guy whose image is best seen on masks adorn by members of Anonymous.

"Remember, remember, the fifth of November...."

I borrow the concept for part of this post's title, because it seems as if my nation, the United States of America has forgotten what the eleventh of September (which the US recognizes as Patriot Day, a non-federally recognized holiday) is supposed to be about.

And I say that not because we want to forget such a traumatic day in most people's lives, I say that because now, fifteen (15) years after four planes struck both World Trade Center towers, the Pentagon, and an open area in rural Pennsylvania, now would be a good time to capitalize on making a profit off of it.

See for yourself (if you dare) in this "fetus in fetu" video capture of an advertisement from a (now closed) mattress retail store in San Antonio, Texas, USA:

Yes, I understand that we do, in fact, have the First Amendment to remind us that all Americans do have the right to freedoms of speech and expression. All I care about, however, is who in the unholy shit approved this commercial to begin with?

Come to think about it, in defense (if there is one) on the mattress retail store, it is a chance to cash in on epic fails in American history.  Look at Memorial Day, which is a federally recognized holiday (the difference between federally recognized holidays is these days folks who work in government, along with schools and the post office, are given a day off in reflection for the intended purpose of that day, whereas non-federally recognized holidays have all governmental, postal, and educational offices open). How many deals did we all score on before, during, and after the last Monday in May over the past couple of years, on a day designed to MOURN OVER FALLEN MEMBERS OF OUR ARMED FORCES? And I am just as guilty as you are, Dear Reader.

Another American tragedy that is a sales booster: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, on the 3rd Monday in January, even though the late Dr. King's birthday is on January 15.  What we Americans should be doing, instead of emptying our wallets, is utilizing the time as a "Day On, not a Day Off," by doing some form of volunteer work in the neighborhood or rurban (rural-urban, I don't like "exurban") area.

Who reading this got some good buys on the Day We Honor Our Surviving Armed Force Veterans?  On the Day We Declare Our Independence from England?  On the Day Initially Dedicated to the Thief of This Land to Begin With?  On the Day Jesus Christ Supposedly Rose from the Dead?

How about the granddaddy of them all?  The time period between Thanksgiving Day (or the National Day of Mourning, depending on who you ask) and Christmas Eve Day. GET UP AT 3 AM ON WHAT IS KNOWN AS "BLACK FRIDAY" AND SCORE ALL THE SALES BY BREAKFAST!  You know who you are.  Thanksgiving is supposed to be, well, for all intents and purposes, a time  to give thanks to G-d for what G-d has given to us over the past 12 months. Instead, some opportunists like to trample on one another at their nearest big box store to get the first sale of the "holiday season," which is ironic due to how foreign settlers trampled on the lands of indigenous individuals and drove them out to their awaiting deaths some 400 years earlier.  Hell, Americans (including me) watch football on Thanksgiving; a sport where teams clash with one another so that the ball carrier can trample down into their opponent's safe space, or "end zone." On a day where those nasty illegal immigrant aliens, to which most of us call our own ancestors, came into a land which was not their own and took it over with their beliefs, their music, their culture, and their language.

Good job on making history repeat itself, folks.  How many Christians actually sing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus on December 25?  I'll wait.

Back at the ranch, if you are now feeling bad about saving a few dollars on any day that recognizes people who gave themselves, both literally and figuratively, to the cause of how we live as Americans today, then why should a San Antonio, Texas mattress retail store feel bad about trying to make a few dollars on a day that does the same recognition?

I mean, how good was that sales weekend for Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, happening on every December 7?  Oh wait, we don't have those. How come?  I mean, these folks tried to do it over 30 years ago.  You can guess what their demise was after this failed promotion.

But look, if we Americans haven't had a Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day sale in over 30 years, why should be start now, especially with a 9/11 Remembrance (Patriot) Day sale?  Hell, why don't we, as Americans, just don't shop at places where such holidays (holy days) are exploited for financial gain?  Isn't it time to have that conversation?  The mattress retail store in San Antonio, Texas might not have realized it, but they fired the first proverbial shot into the skies.

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