Sunday, September 18, 2016

Stasis, Payees, and Vera

Well, well, well.

My new case manager has a slightly more tailored game plan for your Number One Brat(tm).  And let's just say, there's an incentive involved.

*snickers* Incentive?  Like you're going to get paid?

I wish, Dear Reader.  It's more like: I manage my money better so that I do end up having the case manager become my payee.

A payee?  Like, someone paying your bills and spending your money on your behalf?

Yeah, something like that.  My incentive is to avoid that at all costs.

Betcha fifty dollars you can't pull that off, Vera.


Oh yeah, heh.  Forgot about that.

Meanwhile, this upgraded case manager gave me (by request) a printout of what my short and long term goals are as of this past Friday.  Every month, she will do a checkup to make sure that I am taking my meds as prescribed (which isn't a problem), make sure I have some transport to go to the doctors and the grocery store, and make sure I am not spending on random objects of nonsense.

I'm giddy giddy gumdrops over this.  This isn't just some shoddy budget worksheet that I could do in my sleep.  It feels like this case manager means business.  I like that; I want the accountability to go both ways.  I want her to keep me in check (because I do need that in my life) just as much I want to keep her in check.  I think a partnership as such should work like that, don't you?

Looks good so far.  Hopefully your hopes don't get to the point where they will be dashed again by putting all of your chips in on the poker table.

I thought I told you I wasn't betting with an invisible individual.

*shakes head* No, I'm saying I hope you don't place all your energy into something that may not work in the end.  You seem to have a habit of doing that.

Well, why wouldn't you put 100% into anything that you do?

It's not the the energy you put into something, it's the results you expect in return.  It may not be the same intensity as you give it.

So is that why people suck in general?  An animal kingdom collective of lazy sumbitches?

Not necessarily.  Some folks may not give a damn.  Some folks do, but channel their energy in other ways that may not be visible to the naked eye.  Kind of like your autism.

Hmm.  That's a way of looking at it.

So not everyone is in stasis when things, both good and bad, happen.

Oh!  Stasis!  Which reminds me; I need to be in stasis for the next couple of days because I need to save my energy for my last third Wednesday scheduled payday.  My payday gets changed next month to every third (or sooner depending on what day the third falls on).  Sweetness!  Plus, I also found out that I have a couple of dollars leftover that I can use to go to the grocery store first thing in the morning and grab a couple of items.

I like it when things are looking up.  Now if they only get over themselves by getting on top.

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