Sunday, November 13, 2016

Black, White, and Vera

My head has been wreaking havoc for the past 36 hours. I had sponged up so much water that I pissed out comparable to a race horse overnight. The eyes have a hard time staying open. Caffeine withdrawal is a bitch.

But I would much rather go through several caffeine withdrawals than to deal with the sociopolitical civil war that this presidential election has thrown us into.

The Blue Bloods can't seem to understand what The Nouveau Riche want. The Nouveau Riche are perplexed over the Working Class voting for someone who repeats racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, and xenophobic phrases over and over again.

Maybe I can shed some figurative light on this, all the while I also experience Skipper withdrawal (Skipper being the name of the latest contestant I'm dating).

Let's start with the obvious: forget about the Boomers and the Gen Xers. Forget about the older Millennials. Focus on the younger Millennials; those who are 22 and younger.

In almost all generations, dreams of becoming who someone wanted to be were squashed when they were told: "no, you can't." It was a universal rite of passage; folks enjoyed things as a child, but they became taboo as they transitioned into adulthood. Talk about a buzzkill.

In 2008, the American people heard something unfamiliar, when Barack Obama was elected president: "yes, we can." And youngsters, for the first time, felt like: "yeah, I can do this." The universal rite of passage was all but dead.

Fast forward to now, the American people heard another unfamiliar something: "yeah, I can do this; I don't need all this education and class to become president."

If we as a nation don't teach our children to respect ourselves and each other, by the time my 50th birthday rolls around (should I be alive then) this novel concept of a nation will become the likes of Sudan, Ukraine, and the Gaza Bank.

This isn't some Twilight Zone shit, this is a paradigm shift in American politics and culture right now. Nothing is in black and white anymore.

Since 2000, ideologies and political affiliations became the best of fuck buddies. Last week, their 16-year tryst ended on a very bitter tasting note.  Some liberals, for the first time since Lincoln Chafee, found themselves voting for Republicans or non-Democratic third parties.

Blacks, White Women, and Latinx decided to vote for someone who says awful things about them. Maybe it was because they saw past Donald Trump's hateful rhetoric and saw this damn near delusional "change" this country needs? But, weren't these folks also the same ones that publically called Trump out for his voracious verbiage?

Other voters, like myself, didn't vote either for Trump or for his biggest opponent, Hillary Clinton. Fifteen (15) thousand voters thought that a dead gorilla would have made a better choice as president than either Trump or Clinton. I, and probably dozens of others, voted for Ric Flair and Waka Flocka Flame (to this day, I still have trouble saying Waka's full name without saying "fuck"). Nothing is in black and white anymore.

There was no vote rigging.

There was no credible tampering.

There was no suspense (unless you're from Cleveland, you can make any situation suspenseful).

In wrestling terms, Trump beat Clinton clean.

And now people want to protest a clean win? Wait, I thought only spoiled rotten individuals did that? Are you telling me that liberals, and not conservatives, in fact, "cry-babies"?

Now I really want off of this planet.

The reason why I am not a conservative ideologue is because time and again, conservative leaders have not shown me that they want equal rights for all people. Conservative politicians are very Autistic-minded when it comes to things like change, routine, and stability; they want their livelihoods orthodox to the fullest. Everything must be literal. And if that meant that not everyone is fit for this traditional lifestyle, which is dogmated by a radical sect of Christianity, then they tell you to build a bridge and get over it. Nothing is in black and white anymore.

Now my status as a liberal ideologue is in question, because even though liberal leaders want equal rights for all persons, they pander to big corporations just like their conservative brethren do. And if you don't like that, you will be cast off this proverbial island faster than any contestant on "Survivor." Great.

So what did we do? The Electoral College swung its vote to the Boaty McBoatface of presidential candidates.

As long as Article 1, Section 9 of the United States Constitution remains in tact, lobbyists will always influence elected officials in Congress, and not their constituents.

And all the while, I wish I could be in Skipper's arms right now. Nothing is in black and white anymore.

Sometimes, the world becomes too much to handle in a single setting.

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