Monday, November 7, 2016

Dating, Relating, and Vera

Never do I have a boring day. The day that I do might as well be my dying day.

I wrapped up my Sheloshim, or the final acute stage of mourning in the Jewish tradition, last night. I feel much different now than when I first entered this period of grief. I legit feel like I got inoculated with some regenerative life purpose or some shit. It feels good, actually.

And to top it all off, I'm dating someone.



VERA. That's not what I meant.

Oh, sorry, Dear Reader. Um, meow?

-_- Vera....

It's not Facebook Official or anything serious, got damn; sit down. I'm between the statuses of being a single loner and being in a relationship. It's good that we are taking it slow and enjoying ourselves in each other's company. Sheesh.

Well, how di....where do you kn...oh, come on, gimme some deets.

I'm not going to go into minute minutes, but I will say the lucky contestant and I both:
  1. Graduated from the same high school, 2 years apart
  2. Like sports, including the fine art that is professional wrestling
  3. Like Hugh Laurie
  4. Enjoy lots and lots of music (and Rolling Stones song covers!!!!!), and
  5. Are passionate about the work that we do
Cute. Now, can I have a name, an age, a gender, and a location, please?

No. This isn't AOL.

Why the fuck not? How do I know you're not dating your right hand or something?

You're just gonna have to trust me on this one.

Ugh. Damnit! Well, how does it feel to be dating?

Real talk: it feels better than one-night stands, that's for damn sure.

Dating now, since the Escape from Troll Central Station, feels relatively brand new in the way that I actually feel comfortable in opening up a little bit without feeling embarrassed or the need to spill everything out. It feels, dare I say, storybook normal; like to experience a relatively social ritual one would only just dream about prior. So I'm 20 fucking years late to the got damn party; build a bridge and get over it.

And as for looks and personality, the date is both compassionately sweet and incredibly smexy. I love me a hot passionate nerd.

Smexy? Don't make me go JBL on you.

Smexy is the combination of both being SMart and sEXY.

Well, Vera, I have to say that I am very happy for you. I look forward to see how well this new adventure goes for the two of you.

D'awww, shucks. Thank you, Dear Reader.

You're welcome. It won't be my job to clean up all the hearts you have broken with this blog post.

Including yours?

Now now. I didn't say that my heart was broken.

Uh-huh. *sinister grin* Looking a little crestfallen over there, heh.


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