Tuesday, December 27, 2016

A Scholarship for a Shidoobee, the Cost is Correct, and Vera

There are a couple of goals, besides losing weight, that I truly want to legit go after to keep my mental focus in tact.  I don't expect to achieve both of them in 2017, but I truly want to accomplish.  And of course, I need to save up a few dollars to help achieve these goals.

A hanukkiah with five candles lit.  The shamash, or main candle,
is placed in the center hanukkiah piece (which appears as the
candle farthest to the left).  The other four lite candles represents
the days of Chanukah being celebrated this Jewish year.
The first goal I want to achieve is something I hope to do during Labor Day 2017. 

My allegiance to the Rolling Stones goes waaaay back to the mid-90s.  During the days of America Online, I was a part of a group of Stones fans that would gather into the infamous "Rolling Stones Chat" on Monday nights.  Since then, that AOL group followed the yellow bricked social media road onto Facebook.  This group of online internet pioneering Stones fans, calling themselves "Shidoobees," meet up once a year in Wildwood, New Jersey, USA for a late August-early September weekend gathering, and have been doing so since 2000.

Of course, when I was around on the AOL Stones chat scene, I was a wee minor, becoming of legal age in 1999.  I never got a chance to go up to Wildwood, to the Memory Motel, and chill with some of the world's most recognizable and respected Stones fans.  This year, I want to go.

Hell, I am even tempted to do another GoFundMe for this adventure.

Another potential for a GoFundMe excursion is to fulfill a dream which is older than my Rolling Stones allegiance.  If I don't do this excursion this year, I can wait until 2018, but I want to make this epic dream come true.

I want to make my way to Contestants' Row on "The Price is Right."

I used to have dreams of winning both showcases.  I got terrified by nightmares where that losing horn would come out, signaling all but certain death.  My first ever crush was on Barker's Beauty, Dian Parkinson.  That show all but defined what it meant to make dreams come true.

And even though Bob Barker is no longer hosting the show, Drew Carey is doing a good job, and I should have no problem with him should I escape Contestants' Row (like I Escaped From Troll Central Station).

If I get picked to do training classes for a potential "Brat Mitzvah" at my synagogue, that would be pretty cool as well.  Unfortunately, I need more folks interested in doing this at my temple in order to get the ball rolling.

And maybe 2017 will spare us from all the celebrity deaths at once.  Otherwise, all of us are going to need mandatory posttraumatic stress disorder group therapy sessions.

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