Friday, December 30, 2016

On Edge, On the Edge, and Vera

January is supposed to be a month of renewal and awesomeness, at least for me anyways.

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Over the past couple of Januarys, they have been full of dread, due to hearings on Medicaid denial appeals and no-contact order hearings.

This upcoming January is primed to be no different.

I have not one, but two, hearings coming up in 2017.  In January.  I hope.

This month, I had to file appeals for my Ohio Medicaid being dropped (due to claims of my paperwork "not being turned in on time"), therefore also appealing for my Medicare Part B premium to be paid by Ohio Medicaid before February rolls around.

Otherwise, my February allowance will be cut by 33%-ish due to supposed "backpay".

Now, I don't know about you, but to have your one and only source of income to stay alive will make you living on edge and on the edge. 

I also know that this time is the holiday season, and a lot of folks (including my county case worker) are on vacation.  It's more than likely that both my State and my Social Security hearing notifications will be coming in the mail sometime before my beloved 6^2 birthday.

If I don't get those notifications before my birthday, there goes my umpteenth attempt at Weight Watchers; I will have to cancel that subscription so I can use that money for something else.  But hey, at least Fitbit is still free.

Can a brat get a drama-free January for once?!

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