Monday, December 26, 2016

Richland Avenue, Notable Deaths, and Vera

Somewhere, out there in this universe, Creepy McFuckistan is laughing their ass off.  Only they could have predicted that 2014 and 2016 would be some serious fucked up years.

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I spent most of my early years living in a two-story apartment house on a street called Richland Avenue in the city of Lakewood, Ohio, USA.  Living in this massive structure had its ups and downs, both physically and figuratively.  On nights, I could hear the walls talk, an idiom for being able to hear what was happening in another room because the insulation was so poor in the house.

Sometimes, the walls would pick up the sounds of what was happening outside the house.  Primarily, these sounds would originate either at an intersecting corner bar, the Richland Café, which was (and still is) part of the Madison (Avenue Bar/Pub) Crawl, or the Friday night football game happening at Lakewood Stadium, home of my beloved high school alma mater, the Lakewood Rangers.  At other times, I did my best to stay out from the house, lest I would catch a case of "Oh, Vera, one more thing...." from either of my parents.

The apartment house had two house numbers, or designations on where they were located on a specific spot on the street.  The lower level had a lower number than the upper level, based on the direction of the front doors, going from north to south.  And since the lower level's front door was the most northern side door, it had the house number of 2014.  The upper level, whose front door was to the south (in this case, to the facing left) of the 2014 unit, was 2016.

I lived in both units.  I survived both of them.

I lived in both years of the same house numbers.  And by the Grace of G-d, I will survive both years.

Um, Vera, why are you equating years to house numbers where you lived?

Because, for the most part, both years were shitty as fuck, and yet I have made it.  Unfortunately, especially with 2016, a lot of folks did not make it, for whatever reason.

Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. Fuck man, we lost a lot of people this year.

I would have never thought that George Michael would pass on (Gregorian) Christmas Day.

Yeah, man.  And Prince.  And Glenn Frey.  And two thirds of Emerson, Lake, and Palmer.

I know.  But they didn't die all on the same day, Dear Reader.

You know damn well what I meant, Vera.

Heh, just checking to see if you were paying attention.  And speaking of attention, check out this dizzying list of notable deaths from 2016.

Ugh, let me get all drunk before reading that list.  The alcohol will protect me from catching any feels.

I think the last time the world was shocked with a year of celebrity deaths was 1997, I think, when the world lost both Mother (now Saint) Theresa of Calcutta and Princess Diana of the United Kingdom.

And to think we have five more days left before 2017 begins.

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