Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Watching Weight, A Bit of a Fit, and Vera


That is an area code in Northeast Ohio.

That is also the number, in pounds, of my weight.

330. Three-hundred and thirty.

Oh, and .6. Or, sixth-tenths of a pound. Which is, what, nine or ten ounces?


That number represents my all time highest weight. Ever.

That number represents what my scale told me yesterday after breakfast.

Forget about starting new year's resolutions come January 1.  I decided to take action in the here and now, which is unusual for me.

Yesterday, I took action by joining Weight Watchers (for, like, the 11th time since I first signed up at age 17, right after graduating from high school) and by purchasing this activity tracking device called a Fitbit.

A screen shot of my Fitbit dashboard with my daily statistics.
*gasp* Holy shit, Vera! Whoa, you got a Fitbit! What's next, a jacket from The North Face?

You have my permission to slap me senseless if that becomes my next purchase, Dear Reader.

But no, seriously. Good on you for taking on your physical well being. What's the weight the deciding factor in signing up?

Well, that, and also my left knee is telling me to shape up or else it will ship out.  I don't like that idea.  Also, I'm really getting sick and tired of my boobs.  I want them fuckers out of my life.

Did you start tracking yesterday?

No, I started tracking today.  What's nice about this time around with both the diet and exercise partnership is that it helps me my movements, my pulse rate, my food intake, and even my sleep patterns, all the while I don't have to worry about it.

Plus, instead of buying random stuff I don't need, I can use the money to pay for a monthly subscription, which will remind me that I need to be in it to win it.

Looks logical.  Where is your meeting location?

I haven't picked one out yet.  I did, however, sign up for a personal coach.  My body and my scenario is not like 99% of about to be 36-year olds.  So, I decided to obtain the services of doing one-on-one tracking as well as utilizing online tools. 

I still suck canal water in group sessions.

What about your Torah thingy?

Torah study?  Yeah, that's the ONLY group I am comfortable with, and that speaks volumes. 

Any other groups for the purpose of "becoming a (insert adjective here) person" can go suck on garden hoses.  I think a lot of it has to do with not being able to relate to some of the other group members, therefore I end up in further internal isolation.  On the flip, whenever I share my struggles, the first thing people ask me is about their (insert relation)'s child who also has autism.  And that internally isolates me even more.  Oh, and their eyes.  People will stare at me if I get congratulated on achieving a goal.  Eventually it leads me to become so angry to the point where I want to greet people in the face with a steel chair.

Of course, this is a good example of me having to deal with a support group.

Maybe this time, things will be different?

Maybe.  But until I feel confident enough to go into a meeting of any kind, especially with the holidays in full swing, I can wait on that resolution until after January 1.

So, how did you do today on your first day of food and activity tracking?

I sucked on both fronts, as if nothing has changed since the last time I was doing the program.

Then again, I did reach my water intake, and I was able to reach 2,000 steps (the walking equivalent to one mile).  It's not all that bad after all.

A screen shot of my Weight Watchers Dashboard,
showing how much food, in point values, I consumed today.
I decided to take a look back at my stats for today.  Yeah, the numbers don't look as stellar as they should be.  However, things can only get better, right?

You have to ask yourself, Vera: how much do you want to become healthier via weight loss?

That's a question that I can't answer with words.  Only my actions can answer that.

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