Saturday, January 28, 2017

Common Sense, Luck, and Vera

Have you ever seen a starter kit for parents of newborn infants called a baby box?

In Finland, new parents (and why are parents called "new" anyway, unless this is their first ever child born?) are given a nice and neat file folder box from their government, filled with essentials. And get this: the box itself has a mattress lined at the bottom; that is supposed to be the baby's first ever bed.

Who in the holy shit needs to have all out expensive baby showers and the like when you can have the minimalist lifestyle at your fingertips? For FREE?!

Oh yeah, I forgot; in the USA, we have the overlords of capitalism. If it doesn't make any money, then it is practically worthless. My bad.

However, what these baby boxes do not include are only two things.

Bags. These baby boxes are missing two bags.

Hey, Vera! Can't you take some of the wrapping off those products, put some duct tape on them and make them bags?

You could, Dear Reader. But the two bags are more of a symbolic gesture, rather than a literal one.

I'll be damned, Vera knows their idioms.

There are a lot of things I know. Let's not get carried away now.

I was told of a wise tale from years ago. I forgot when exactly it was told to me, and I also forgot who told me this piece of information. But it is something that I explicitly attempt to live my life.
When you are born, you are presented with two bags for you to carry for your time here in this life. One bag is called "Luck," and it is filled to the brim. Anytime you need luck, there it is, in the bag, waiting for you to use it. The other bag, which is called "Common Sense," is empty. The luck bag is pristine and well tailored, whereas the common sense bag has patches on it, covering up the holes it had sustained en route to your earthly arrival. And in this life, you will need both bags. When you learn something, that knowledge goes into the common sense bag. When you experience something, that goes into the common sense bag. All of your decision making and your actions that follow, go into that common sense bag. The goal of life is to fill your worn out bag full of common sense before your gorgeous bag of luck becomes empty. Because once you use your luck, you never earn it back. And once you obtain your common sense, you never lose it.
So, you're saying fill your life with common sense before luck runs out?

That's exactly what I am saying, Dear Reader.

Nice. So, how does it apply to babies?

Children are not taught this lesson in this day and age. I don't know why, but they should. It would help them from making horrible decisions, or even worse, getting into a horrible predicament only to be saved by sheer luck.

I don't want to be in a place where the only way I live out the rest of my life on luck alone. I want to use as much common sense I have obtained in these 36 years as possible. Sometimes, I don't do that, and it costs me a few luck pieces to get me bailed out.

With me and my situations, the consequences don't trickle like economics, they pour like propaganda.

I became so bedridden this past week that my head was in legit pain. The amygdalae and the hippocampus portions of my brain (the portions that control emotional regulation and short-term memory retention, respectively) were overstressed. Decisions were not made because of lack of cranial function. Alprazolam and ibuprofen were administered (appropriately, fuck off very much) to get my body to calm itself down due to the sheer velocity of what was yet to come over the next few days.

All thanks to a government assistance program whose employees have no idea what they are doing, another government program who thinks it's okay to dock three months of Medicare Plan B premiums because of said fuckup, the overall climate of society, where people walk and talk like zombies repeating sound bites from pompous talking heads on both sides of the political-ideological arena, and to a local individual who had volunteered to be my medical power of attorney and will executor, only for them to renege because they got exposed as an adulterous infidel, on top of everything else I have gone through in almost three years, I now find myself encompassing the persona of a complete buffoon.

Gee, thanks.

I did use common sense, meanwhile, in my encounters with the adulterous infidel. They told me to always clean out my messaging cache, to avoid problems with their "divorcing" spouse. The infidel, however, never told me to not screen cap said messages before cache cleaning. Let's face it; the fucker wasn't fucking with some fan fiction fapping novice over here. I had also installed tag reviews so I can look over each time my name was tagged in a post to determine if I wanted it to appear on my timeline. So when I got called out by their spouse on social media, only a very small number of people got to see the post because of mutual friendships. And that, Dear Reader, is what we hustlers call "covering your own ass." No luck required.

Alas, there will be one day where my bag of luck will become empty; never to be filled again. And I am doing my damnedest to make sure that day does not come any time soon. Always keep filling your common sense bag; a lesson that even I have to remind myself to do.

Now do you see why, Dear Reader, I can't do this living and thriving alone?  Folks know it's only me; I have no backup from blood family (otherwise I would have a medical power of attorney and will executor by now, yeah I said it), I have a stalker ex who uses henchmen to keep tabs on me, and I am perceived as easy to manipulate as well as easy to fuck. Hopefully, I will not be perceived as "easy" anymore after this post.

Holy fucking shit. Remind me, Vera, to never, EVER piss you off.

Heh, that's what they said.

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