Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Crisis Stabilization, Migraines the Size of Russia, and Vera

Trigger/Content Warning (TW/CW): the following blog post contains mentions of childhood abuse and neglect, rape, domestic violence, and assault. Reader discretion is advised.

Coming to you live from an underground bunker, it's Mx. Vera Didenko!

Hey, since when did Cleveland have an underground bunker?

Since I made one up, Dear Reader.

Lovely. Where are you, anyways?

Welp, I am not at a spa resort or a hospital, which is good. I'm at a facility called a crisis stabilization center.

A who what now?

Exactly. This joint helps folks who are in crisis *points at self* and give them a place to stay until the crisis ends or gets resolved. Usually, the clients who stay are folks who have been homeless, in abusive homes, and/or recently released from incarceration and are trying to seek more stability in their lives.

The focus of this crisis stabilization center is trauma. The people that work here are trained to help their clients *points again at self* work out their traumatic experiences without the interference of drugs or alcohol (or, in my case, frivolous spending). With yours truly, it's working out the overwhelming nonsense of shitsticks interfering with my life, my inability to be finanically secure, peeling more layers of trauma.

Said trauma is due to my parents being dickheads, my sister being an asshole for a conartist, my rapist second ex fiancé, my previous employer never wanting to let me go and grow, and now the Shaker Man's decision to now be concerned about saving his poor excuse of a marriage. Hey, if he wants to remain pussywhipped by his wife, then who am I stop it, right?

That's right, I got myself involved in something I shouldn't have and I ended up being emotionally and physically traumatized because of it. Once again, even people with high IQs and education out of the ass make dumb as fuck 404s.

So how the fuck did you end up there?

I called Cleveland's mobile crisis hotline, seeking for help, and lo and behold they connected me to this spot.

How long are you going to be at this crisis stabilization thingy?

Hopefully, I can return home on Monday. There have been changes I have noticed throughout my stay so far.
  1. I'm not in a hurry to go home.
  2. I've attended each group session offered.
  3. My eating habits have straightened themselves out.
It's not a bad deal at all, if you ask me.

What's even cooler is the food they provide. The food offer to us clients are the donations provided to the Cleveland Food Bank. It's a full circle of awesomeness to see how food is donated, how food is packaged and dispersed, and now how food is received and delivered.

Nice. Have you learned anything about yourself so far in your stay?

If I have, I am not sharing it just yet.

Aw come on, Vera. Gimme something to work with.

Ugh, pesky bastard you are, heh. I have learned so far that I need a fan near me whenever I sleep, otherwise my night sweats become a problem. I do have to figure out though how long this nausea and migraines the size of Russia are going to stick around for.

In the meantime, I will post next when I am discharged from here.

Okay. Good luck.

Good luck for what?

Good luck on getting what you need, silly goose.

Who in the fuck needs luck in this case? I need sleep and to unwind so my body can heal.

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