Friday, March 17, 2017

Athens, Sparta, and Vera

It's still a bit early. While I wait for the other party to gather their wits from a restful night's sleep, there's something that I would like to discuss.

A child's afterschool program and ability to keep them away from trouble and into treble may be nothing more than a footnote found in next year's upcoming U. S. History lesson if something isn't done.

You want to see world class art and hear world class music in your own proverbial backyard? Psh, you better start saving up that money to go where the art and music is because it won't be in the U. S. A., if something isn't done.  The same goes for public broadcasting.

Folks in impoverished countries who experience major natural disasters and/or epidemic diseases may not be getting as much assistance from the United Nations because the United States doesn't feel like it, if something isn't done.

The Great Lakes are not going to be so great if they don't remain clean with the help of federal resources, if something isn't done.

Folks with limited resources and/or are from predisposed backgrounds, who want to contribute to American society by being able to become more educated and to obtain valuable employment, are practically being told: "You should have thought of that before [your "situation"]," if something isn't done.

On the other hand, instead of having to list a child at an address within a school district that isn't where the parents or the custodial guardians live, a child can now choose which public or private school they would like to attend, which could result in a placement lottery and extra burden for our underpaid educators, if something isn't done.

Who needs historical landmarks and graveyards when we have the potential to tap into those areas to extract oil and natural gas, right?  Now, that may sound like a proverbial stretch of the truth, but anything is possible with what the 2018 Congressional Budget wants to do with the Department of Interior, if something isn't done.

Let us ask ourselves; is this the way to help become a leaner, more efficient America?  I mean, with the majority of those cuts previously listed, the Department of Defense would get a huge boost in spending for military purposes and the like.  But between you and me, Dear Reader, ask yourself how come the Department of Defense hasn't had a balanced budget in over 35 years?

What all of this boils down to is: the United States of America is becoming the new Sparta.

Don't remember Sparta and Athens, the two major city-states in Ancient Greece, during your social studies class?  Quick refresher: the two city-states were notorious for the way they treated their residents.

In Sparta, the residents were extremely military focused.  Spartans only wanted the best of the best; if your child was born with any (and I mean ANY) noticeable defect, that infant's punishment was death by being thrown down into a rocky ravine.  Ouch.  The residents in Athens, for the most part, were not all about the military lifestyle.  Instead, Athenians focused more on infrastructure, trade, and well, keeping "a woman's place in the home" (not the greatest for women's rights Athens was, compared to Spartan women, who enjoyed more freedom).

Being a disabled woman, back in the days of these two city-states, meant that you were dead before you were even born.

And from what it looks like in modern day America, with all these proposed budget cuts that have to be approved by both houses in Congress, if you're a disabled woman (or non-binary individual), you might as well throw up your hands and not give a fuck.  Because what our current president is trying to do is take ideas from both Sparta and Athens and make this nation "great again" by turning this diverse nation of culture and community into a massive urinal for cishet (cisgender heterosexual) abled White men to participate in the ultimate pissing match.

Instead of all women being able to afford to choose their own partners and being able to own property like in Sparta, all women would be, more or less, forced to be barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen.  Instead of all children having a chance to become a productive member of society, despite any difference from the "preferred" selection, all non-White children would be left behind to defend themselves from nature's most vicious.

And if you don't buy into my Athens/Sparta analogy, that's okay: other sites have with their reporting.

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