Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Columbus, Detroit, and Vera

Will [insert legal activity] for food.

Right now, I'm on a charter bus heading back home from Detroit Rock City, crawling slowly through Interstate 94 West traffic (because Interstate 75 South traffic out of the city is closed entirely).

What the hell are you doing in Detroit, Vera?

Great question, Dear Reader. I was part of a protest to stop the County of Cuyahoga from allowing taxpayer funds to go into a renovation project (see: new atrium) into Quicken Loans Arena. Quicken Loans, the business to whom the arena is named for, is based in Detroit.

And, oh my goodness, the similaries between Cleveland and Detroit (from downtown and inner city view points) are shocking. The building infrastructure (and their decay), the churches, and the steel mills are reminiscent of Cleveland's Interstate 490. The housing are a mix of Ohio City and the intersection of East 89th and Chester.

Rev. Jawanza Colvin from Cleveland's Olivet
 Institutional Baptist Church, addressing a
group of protesters in Detroit, Michigan.
I will say, I am not used to seeing entrance ramp signs that say "Interstate 280 South to Cleveland."

Meanwhile, last week I spent a few days in Ohio's capital city of Columbus, helping a friend transport the last of their belongings to their new home just outside the corporation, or city, limits.

Basically, I am a road riding brat with an intangible sign that says, "have food, will travel."

So, are you only doing these trips for the food?

Shamefully, yes partially. Not having food or funds is getting quite annoying. Even thkugh I am receiving guidance and advice, I still have a few credit cards that have now gone into the 60-day overdue region because my thumbass can only get out of one predicament one month at a time.

Looks like Mx. Vera needs to get themself a J-O-B.

Yeah? Where? How? Will I still be able to keep my Social Security Disability Insurance and my Medicaid-SNAP combination?

Don't look at me; I'm not the one who fucked up royally.

Yes, good for you. Learn from my mistakes; deal with your demons head on. Straight, no chaser, but not narrow.

I do get my next allowance in two weeks, and I hope, G-d willing, I don't have any shortfalls going into the month of April.

And now, as I type, we have made it around the massive detour, and we are back on Interstate 75 South.

Now, don't get me wrong; I have enjoyed both trips, doing the assignments given. Whether it was moving boxes and bins full of clothes and photographs or standing outside of Quicken Loans headquarters, it's good for my system to be out of bed, out of My Happy Place, and out of my building.

Folks from Greater Cleveland Congregations and
DRIVE (Detroit Regional Interfaith Voice for Equity)
having lunch st Second Baptist Church in Detroit.
I also have to say: Interstate 75, in both directions, has very little traffic, whereas Interstates 94 and 96 are gridlocked with traffic. Yeesh.

As a lifelong Clevelander, going North of the city feels awkward as fuck. I expect to be deopped into Lake Erie somewhere. The fact that Lake Erie, currently, is to the southeast to where we are on these charter buses, almost makes me itch. This is my second time ever in Michigan, the first time ever in Detroit.

And maybe I'm missing something between Detroit and Pittsburgh (in Pennsylvania to the southeast of Cleveland), but I don't see what's so horrible about both cities. They are not better than Cleveland. They are not worse than Cleveland. The cities are siblings in arms. If anything, my fellow Clevelanders need to build a bridge and get over themselves about how "We're Not Detroit."

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