Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Cheese, Rice, and Vera

In case you missed it, my attempt at doing the Whole 30 fell flat on its butt after 5 days.

Now, what do I do?

If I learned anything, it's that I need to be better prepared to tackle a massive change before the change occurs. Otherwise, it will be one scientific disaster.

I also discovered that these upper and lower body shapers (aka modern-day girdles) have helped me tremendously by correcting my posture and not eating as much at mealtimes. This discovery can lead to even better weight numbers in the future.

I am also getting more activity in, which is always a plus. Considering the clearer weather makes for getting a walk in or going transit riding much easier and more enjoyable.

In addition to finding a second weekly food pantry pit stop (I can go to location A on Mondays and location B on Thursdays), I can now better plan out my June budget.

So I did manage to get something out of these past seven days.

Yeah? You're still severely obese.

That's not new, Dear Reader. And, more than likely, I will probably end up dead as a severely obese brat. What's your point?

You should be focusing more on losing weight.

I should, you're right. Now, tell that to my creditors. They want cash pounds, not weight pounds.

And whose fault is that, Vera?



*snickers* Just checking to see if you were paying attention or not. Of course, it's my fault. But, what's with the attitude?

I don't know. I feel like this blog is missing something. Something that will make you famous.

Does this help?

That is nice and all, but I'm talking about on this blog in particular.

Hmm. How about some cheese and rice?

Do you always think about food?

It's either that or sex.

Ugh, really?

Well, you did, in fact, ask.

Why does this blog need some cheese and rice? It sounds like this blog needs some Jesus Christ....wait a second. They....those things sound similar. Are you becoming a born-again Christian, Vera?

Now that you have brought that up, no. No Jesus needed in my life.

So what the fuck is this cheese and rice stuff?

Other than being better known as risotto, I just threw the phrase "cheese and rice" out there as something that could bring more interest to the blog. How's that?

Ugh, no. Just no. Let me get back to you on this.

Okay, Dear Reader.

In the meantime, what would YOU like to see more of on this blog? Share in the comments below.

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