Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Unnatural Disasters, Unfortunate Pleasures, and Vera

Where can I possibly begin?

Yeah, Vera: where the fuck have you been, now?

Well, some developments have occurred since my last blog post, so please allow me to divulge, Dear Reader.

This has better be good.

After almost two years with my Samsung Galaxy S6 phone, I paid off the remainder of the balance for the phone so that I can keep the phone. Once I did that, this allowed me to do two things:
  1. Cancel my 10-year long Verizon Wireless account
  2. Recycle the Samsung phone for cash money
And unlike the EcoATM kiosk where I went to before (will someone please ask Steve Blum if he's the voice of that annoying android-like hand holder?), I went to a place called BuyBacks. They bought my Samsung for $115.

Not a bad pay day, I should say.

This would also allow me to play with my new phone a bit more. And it was cool; I figured I can stay within whatever data limit is on this phone and then get home internet service to supplement the data.

And that's where the troubles begin.

First, the public transit app (short for application) I use in the 216 didn't work on the new phone; only one phone device for each account. So I went down to Customer Service at Tower City Center, hoping they could fix it. Apparently, nobody on staff had the capability of troubleshooting the app; I was told that the only way I could get the app fixed onto my new phone was only through emailing the app's customer service. Snarl.

It was shortly thereafter that I had the unfortunate pleasure of discovering of how much I can burn through 500MB of data, which is about 48 hours.

Next, I had the unnatural disaster of trying to commute not being able to pull up my intangible bus pass without internet. I had a great time explaining to the #10 and #11 bus drivers why I couldn't pull up my bus pass.

And if that wasn't problematic enough, after all that nonsense occurring, I ran out of spoons to deal with outside the confines of My Happy Place. In order to keep up with the world, I needed my internet. So, I dragged this proverbially dead carcass down to the Shaker Square shopping district (there area where this blog post is being generated from at this time). I figured, it would help with me trying to lose weight, even though it wasn't via the Whole 30 (as of this past Sunday, I have went from 340.9 lbs (pounds) to 333.4, 45.3% body fat to 44.9%), so it should benefit me, right?

It may have benefited my body (especially my knees), but it only made my mental status more angry at the world, as I was experiencing a PTSD flashback each time. I was being made to do things that I did not consent to. Add on top of the mental reframing I had to execute in order to stay sane, I became more exhausted and wanting to punch somebody. Bad.

I became curious as to what happened to my financial coach dilemma, meanwhile. I ended up reaching out to a second coach, who was finally able to get a hold of my initial coach. I am now back with my initial financial coach, and we have been in contact ever since. She has a bit of a game plan for me (totally unlike what was given to me); she gave me resources unbeknownst to me at the time and some ideas so I can create some random makeshift kitchenette.

On the day that we met up since the dilemma, about forty (40) six-year olds and maybe eight (8) chicken tooth chaperones decided to raid the establishment where the coach and I were meeting. I can't help if this place sells both coffee and ice cream. After the loud shrieks started to pierce my ears, the coach and I went outside and sat on some outdoor chairs. Then the unruly minions followed us, ice cream cones in hand, with the same shrieks. Yeah, there was no way around it; I ended up having an autistic meltdown. Those kids were lucky that they didn't learn a new vocabulary from me, because it was at the tip of my tongue, ready to launch into their precious innocent ears.

That whole episode made me miss two very special Shabbat services at temple; the confirmation of my rabbi and rebbetzin's middle child, and the memorial for my friend's husband.

All of this makes for one very pissed off hornet of an autistic brat.

What about the home internet?

Oh yeah, thanks for reminding me. I had the telephone provider come out, twice, to my apartment to attempt installing internet. And both times, the technician told me the following:
"Yeah, there is no telephone wire in the jack provided by the apartment building. It's probably because when your unit was one a part of your next door neighbor's unit, it had it's own telephone line. When your unit was created, maintenance ripped out the telephone line so that it would not be connected to your neighbor's line. A electrician would have to come out and install the wire into your unit before [we] can do anything."
I called the property manager and explained all of that to her. She got confused, so I handed my phone to the technician on the second visit, and he told her the same story. When I got my phone back, the property manager said that she would get an electrician to come out to install a telephone wire....but not until she came back from vacation later this month.

So, here I am at a coffee shop and ice cream store, composing a blog post, with no internet on my phone (it will probably be refilled at the top of the month in June) and my nerves kind of shot, but still functional.

Oh, and yesterday the metal frame to my bed broke. So that got pitched; I now sleep on my mattress on the floor. Surprisingly, I feel very comfortable sleeping on the floor. It gives me a good reason not to eat in bed and only use the bed for sleeping, and not just lounging around surfing the internet.

Again, it's all about the reframing of things.

I still want to [redacted], though.

In the meantime, my internet presence has been limited to whenever I can siphon free wireless fidelity, or whatever kids call it now. Hopefully this will be fixed by the time I try the Whole 30 again in June.

I am hellbent on doing the Whole 30, even though I have lost 7.5 pounds in approximately 18 days.

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