Thursday, June 22, 2017

Marty's Villain, Marty's Moth, and Vera

Look over there! It's a flaming flamingo!

Nah, bruh. It's some raggedy street performer.

No, concerned citizens! It's an arm-flapping professional wrestler named Marty!

An arm-flapping what?! Vera!

Yes, Dear Reader?

The hell are you talking about?

In the independent wrestling community (or IWC), there happens to be, not one, but two wrestlers named Marty who have adapted a symmetrical arm flapping sequence to their repertoire of moves in the squared circle (or boxing ring).

Last night on Lucha Underground (a promotion very similar to WWE in that it has performers wrestle under fictitious character names given to them by the promoter), one of the participants in the inaugural Cueto Cup (yes, tournaments are now all the rage in professional wrestling) did a slow and methodical arm flap, almost like a swan slowly handing onto water, during his character introduction by ring announcer Melissa Santos. The performer wrestles under the moniker of Marty "the Moth" Martinez, with a backstory of being highly disturbed and demented in taking pleasure in torture and perversion. Typical, I know.

As I was watching Martinez's arm flaps, while he stood behind Santos, I couldn't help but think about another wrestler named Marty who also does the arm flaps: the one named "The Villain" Marty Scurll (links to both Marties are from the Internet Wrestling Database). Scurll does his arm flaps hella more often than Martinez, but doesn't look quite as demented as Martinez. More or less, the arm flap is supposed to resemble part of Scurll's persona as a steampunk gothic dodo bird. And while Scurll has yet to make an appearance on Lucha Underground, he is making his name well known around the global IWC as the latest addition to the multi-promotional stable, or faction, Bullet Club (the same group that has made stars even bigger, like Prince Devitt [now WWE's Finn Bรกlor], AJ Styles, and Adam Cole).

So, a couple of guys named Marty of flapping their arms in a wrestling ring. And?

Well, besides me being a Scurll brat, heh, I think this is awesome.

How so?

For starters, the arm flap, although more rehearsed than organic, can be seen as a nod to the autistic community. Even if Scurll uses the move as a "family friendly" fuck you to his opponents, hell, it might make me do the same thing, especially if I am entering a very happy or giddy state of pure happiness.

*synchronized arm flap* I'm happy and fuck you.

Yep, I'm so incorporating that into my daily routine.

Will we see this at TrotCon?


Secondly, Scurll is seeing his stock rise as a top performer in the IWC, alongside Will Ospreay and Ricochet (both Ospreay and Ricochet were mentioned by WWE's Corey Graves as two of the participants in New Japan Pro Wrestling's Best of the Super Juniors in reference to how today's wrestler has evolved from yesterday's wrestler), and even his best friend and semi tag team partner, Zack Sabre, Jr. (who WWE fans got to know pretty well during last year's Cruiserweight Classic).

And finally, have you seen The Villain snap some fingers?

Um, even I can snap my fingers, Vera.

Yeah, but like this?


Gotcha. Welcome to suspended belief and the wide world of kayfabe.

Hell, if I'm going to watch scripted television, I want to see some of that gud sheeeit.

Breaking someone's fingers is "good shit"? Really?

You should see of the other stuff that The Villain does.

Dear Hasbro: make an original character out of The Villain Marty Scurll for "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" and have him "break" one of Discord's hooves or something. Signed, Vera

And besides, I would rather watch someone's fingers get busted than to see some disturbing zombie beheading or medieval war games or some random current events nonsense. Just saying.

In 2014, before I started this blog, I predicted that AJ Styles was going to become massively known worldwide, outside the IWC. In January 2016, AJ Styles made his WWE Royal Rumble debut.

Now, I'm not saying that Marty Scurll is going to go down the same road as Styles. I don't want Scurll to give up the finger snap on account of Vince McMahon's "PG" tripe. But with Scurll being added to Bullet Club, things can only get better from here for the One True Villain in professional wrestling.

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