Thursday, July 20, 2017

Peanut Bucker, Larson Cat, and Vera

Okay. I think I have enough energy to compose this post. It was one hella weekend.

From left to right: Scootaloo (an orange cosplay
pony), me, Rainbow Dash (a light blue cosplay
pony), and Twilight Sparkle (a lavender cosplay
pony) holding her sidekick, Spike (a plush
purple dragon doll).
Hey! It's about time! How did your TrotCon 2017 panel go?

Surprisingly, it went well. It only lasted about 40 minutes. I had a grand total of three (3) attendees, one of which was staff, while another walked out halfway through my talk. It was three more attendees than I was expecting. Though, I do wonder what I would have looked and sounded like had I done the panel with absolutely no one in attendance, heh.

The only problem I had with my session is that it didn't start on time, and that was because a few panels before mine also had a late start due to a previous panel going over their allotted time. Since I had very few attendees, I was able to wrap up my panel 10 minutes before the next panel started, giving them the proper time to prepare for whatever shenanigans they wanted to create.

What was also cool was a few hours before my panel, I got to participate in another panel, also about that autistic life, courtesy of the con co-chair, who also hosted the session. I didn't realize beforehand that it was going to be a two hour talk instead of a one hour talk, heh, oops. However, it gave me enough confidence to tackle my own panel.

Congratulations, Vera! When will your next panel be and at what convention or conference?

Hell if I know. If you want a convention or conference to have me as a panelist, have them reach out to me via email,

A brown desk top with two collectable hotel room key cards,
featuring TrotCon's mascots, Peanut Bucker (an orange pony
with orange and red mane), and Larson Cat
(a gray feline with big lime green eyes).
So what else happened? Did you go to the parties? How about the after parties?

How about no parties? Between throwing out my lower back from lifting too many things and having an autistic shutdown during the start of the convention's vendor hall, whenever I wasn't volunteering I made every attempt to recover in my hotel room. It didn't help that the beds were rock hard, so I had to take either aspirin or ibuprofen to soothe the lower back. It's not in as much pain as it was over the weekend, but it's still not 100%.

I do have to say, with the convention beginning on a delayed start, there wasn't much time to get to know all the faces of the staff at first. If you have ever been to a family reunion, and you don't know about 94% of the people there, so you do your best to either integrate or play with the dogs because fuck humans, then you can imagine my first days at the convention, feeling lost and sad. It wasn't anyone's fault; people had to do what they had to do.

A member of the TrotCon staff guiding attendees to the
registration area.
However, that all changed when a lad from staff stopped me in the third floor hallway to ask me how my own panel went. He was also part of the autism panel that the con co-chair led and I was a panelist.

That simple act of kindness from him changed my entire weekend from a sad one to a glad one.

By the closing of the convention and the day afterwards, I was more comfortable with folks from the staff. I feel like I made it inside a new community.

And the lad? He and I chatted up some about our similarities (say no to onions, pineapples on pizza are delicious, perspiration is the worst ever) towards the end of the stay in Columbus.

When it was time to say goodbye to the remainder of the staff, the lad and I squeezed the hell out of each other. I even gave him a big quick kiss on the side of his face, as a token of my appreciation for his kindness. I think it stunned him some, heh.

An attendee posing in their "pony shoes," custom
made brown shoes with orange laces, designed to
look like pony or horse hooves. The shoes, however,
have no heel or pump backing to them, so it looks
like the attendee is walking on mini stilts.
Do we have a name for this "lad"? A/S/L?

Yes, he has a name. But I'm not sharing it right now, so there. I want to see where this friendship goes with the lad. Considering I have a tendency to scare the everloving fuck out of people, I am doing my best to be reserved about this one.

You? Reserved? Who in the fuck are you and what have you done with Vera Didenko?!

Good grief, Dear Reader! I am still here. I'm allowed to evolve, just like you. Yeesh.

I know, I'm just kidding.

Since it has taken me this long to get back into the swing of things, I think I'm going to take a hiatus from pizza starting now until I can get back on the losing side of the weight scale. I *know* I put on a few pounds at the convention. I want to get myself into shape for next year's convention, should I be invited.

Oh, and if TrotCon needs a voice for Peanut Bucker, the co-mascot and an original character based off of "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic," I am willing to volunteer.

In case if you were wondering, Peanut Bucker's sidekick, Larson Cat, is also an original character, dedicated to MLP:FIM screenwriter M. A. Larson.

Peanut Bucker? Ack, my mouth wants to say "Peanut Fucker." How did this name come about?

I am holding my smartphone in front of my face while I use
my hotel room's mirror to take a selfie.
Think about it. Ohio's nickname is the Buckeye State, because of these round little nuts that are produced from a buckeye tree. There is even a delicacy called peanut buckeyes, which are rounded peanut butter balls with about 3/4ths of each ball covered in chocolate. So, instead of peanut butter being the name of a pony, why not Peanut Bucker?

Yeah, that's going to take me a minute to get used to.

You can do it, Dear Reader. You can do it.

The best part of my weekend had nothing to do with the convention: I got to see a cousin for the first time in over seventeen (17) years. It was fantastic, because she and I got to catch up on just about everything. I even shared with her about this blog and what led up to me starting it, even sharing the comments a certain letter made a couple of years back. Also, a friend from the mini-LGBT congregation, who had moved to Columbus, stopped by with her son to see me. We chatted for about an hour about the convention and autism.

There it is, TrotCon 2017 is now behind me. Now, if only my lower back would quit bitching a fit.

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  1. Hello Vera,

    I like pineapples but not perspiration.

    Good to know about TrotCon and how it went.

    Lower backs!

    Thanks, lad!